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My name is Eric, and I help others tap into their potential to build the lives that they deserve.  If you have noticed that you have lost control and want to build healthier habits to get your life on track, I’m your guy.

I’m a military veteran, Ramsey Certified Financial Coach, leadership and team building expert, and public speaker.

from potential to purpose

I love to cook.  I mean everything about it…the process, the balance of art and science, the labor, and enjoying the fruits of that labor.  My favorite thing to do on the weekend is to be outside over the smoker.  Something about that slow process to perfection has always stuck out to me, which is where I got the concept behind In the Smoker.

The first thing I do before I can start my smoker or grill up is go shopping for the meat I’m going to cook.  When I shop, I’m looking for the slab of ribs with the most potential.  I’m looking for the steak with the best marbling.  See, I’m going to put my purchase to good use by using it to fuel me and the people around me.

Many of us are like that raw meat I’m trying to find.  Full of potential to be a better version of ourselves, and we’ve got all the right stuff to make those around us better.  But unrefined, or uncooked, we can actually be dangerous or toxic in those relationships.

Once I pick my meat out, I take it home to season it.  Seasoning gives the meat a specific flavor profile.  Your seasoning - your habits, your experiences, your drive - all make you what you are.  When I sprinkle the right things on the meat I’m getting ready to smoke, I know that the flavor is going to be amazing.  I know that not only will this meat fuel me and others, but the experience is going to be exciting, too! 

Likewise, when you mix the right flavor of habits into your un-tapped potential, you are creating a recipe for positive influence.  When your habits are unchecked or unbalanced, you’ll have negative affects on yourself, as well as those around you.  Aligning your habits will make your life, and the lives of people you care about, more fulfilling.

Finally, I get to put all of my hard work into the smoker.  The process isn’t fast.  In fact, it takes me a full day just to cook one meal.  But that’s the beauty of the smoker - the cooking process doesn’t happen quickly.  It takes patience, consistency, and a watchful eye, but the results are amazing!  You are the same way. The heat, the stressors in this life aren’t here to break you.  In fact, if you embrace them, in time they’ll make you the best possible version of yourself.

In the Smoker exists to help you unleash that potential you have.  That potential is going to help you build the life you always wanted and lead your family into prosperity for years to come.  In the Smoker is going to help you turn that pressure of life into the best thing that has ever happened to you. 

This is more than a brand.  It’s a lifestyle.

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